Praise from Parents

We started Kindermusik​ by Musical Pathways​ with our 3-month-old son as a way to get out of the house and learn activities for home to help his little mind grow. Since then we have watched him grow from a little observer not even able to roll over, to dancing, clapping, walking over to the toys, smiling at​ Miss Amy​ and the other kids. Everyone in our family says how much he LOVES music! And most of his favorite toys are the musical ones from Kindermusik. As a parent and former ​school ​teacher, I appreciate the organization of classes and knowledge of the teachers. As well as how caring and helpful the teachers are. I know that what we are learning in class is helping my little one grow in specific areas.​
Allie Palmer

Kindermusik​ by Musical Pathways​ has greatly exceeded my expectations in every way. To be perfectly honest when I first looked into the program I was initially skeptical that the value of the program would be worth the cost. In addition to the cost I live about 30 minutes away from the nearest Kindermusik which is a big time commitment for what I thought would simply be a room full of grown-ups singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and other simple songs to my infant. I decided to give it a chance because I met someone from the​​ Kindermusik​ by Musical Pathways​ organization and her enthusiasm and knowledge of children and parenting was so different to what I would expect out a a “simple” music class. What I experienced after my first class blew my mind. I do not know of any other program that offers such complete curriculum for full brain development for young children. It does foster a deep understanding and joy of learning through music. In addition it offers me, as a parent and the most important teacher to my children, nuggets of wisdom to raise a peaceful and happy houseful of children that love to learn. The teachers are fantastic and never miss a beat with my very active and energetic boys. We have now found a way to keep our three boys in Kindermusik ever since we started.​
Kelly McNeely​

I think the class name “Kindermusik” is a misnomer. When I signed up for class with my little one, I thought we were going to be strictly focusing on music, but there is SO much more to it. At least that’s the case at the​ Musical Pathways ​ Kindermusik​ studio​ in Waunakee. I love how ​their teachers​ incorporate facts about babies / toddlers development. ​They are​ amazing at helping with behavioral issues that might arise (child who didn’t want to get in his carseat) and giving ideas that match up with my parenting style about how to parent through them. I really could go on and on about how much my child and I love the classes, but I’ll save you from that. Try it out for yourself. You will have such a blast with your child and learn so much more than just music!
Leda Rawlins​

My daughters LOVE Kindermusik!! We’ve been doing it with them since the youngest was 4 months old! The girls look forward to music class! Not only is Kindermusik amazing for the kids, but I learn more about how their brains process things. It teaches me as well as it teaching them. Not to mention it can be a great workout! I highly recommend it over other music classes — what is learned for both child and caregiver/parent is priceless.
Kinsey Schulz

I wanted to make a note of the incredible impact that Kindermusik has had on Kaitlyn. We were at the UW Volleyball game this fall. After a great volley, Wisconsin won the point and the crowd roared “Point- Wis- Con- Sin.” In the midst of all the excitement and noise, Kaitlyn leaned over to me and said “Mom that’s TA- TI- TI- TA.” What an amazing impact you and Kindermusik have made. Thanks!
Marlene Sharkey, Musical Pathways mom

One of our blessings, reflecting on 2014 has been Kindermusik. What a wonderful gift you give us families and our children. An added bonus is the friendships that are made in class. Lucy and Gaby are two peas in a pod, thanks to KM!
A Kindermusik Mommy, January 2015

Thank you for all your dedication and information you are willing and able to pour into our lives. We enjoy learning how to be the best possible parent to Bowen.
A Kindermusik Mommy, September 2014

Kindermusik has changed our lives and along with music came many lifelong friendships for me and my children. I am such a true believer in music shaping a child’s brain, Kindermusik is one of those things…I could not imagine our life without.
A Kindermusik Mommy, February 2013

We love Kindermusik because it’s “our thing,” special time together for me and my daughter. I recommend Kindermusik to everyone I know with young children. It is the best money spent because the lessons last forever!
A Kindermusik Mommy, February 2013

We love Kindermusik because of how inclusive their classrooms are! My daughter is 3 years old and is autistic. The teachers at Kindermusik have gone above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable in the class and always email us to see what they can do to help our daughter feel more included. My daughter has gone from being non verbal to singing and participating in class, which is a huge change compared to when we started a year ago with Kindermusik. We are forever grateful to have found such an accepting program that truly values every child that walks in the door. Thank you Kindermusik for making my daughter smile every week!
A Kindermusik Mommy, February 2013

I love Kindermusik because it’s a wonderful way to allow my daughter to interact with other kids in a fun, safe, and educational environment. I love to watch her blossom.
A Kindermusik Mommy, February 2013

Musical Pathways Kindermusik program is where education and fun exist, neatly wrapped in magic and love. Each child’s learning style is embraced into the structure of the class, and parent’s are gently taught to trust in their child’s timing and abilities. The teachers and staff are amazing individuals who along with their evident love for children, enjoy a solid understanding of both child development and music. The availability and responsiveness of the teachers outside of class is truly remarkable. The take home resources are top-notch as well. I remain highly impressed after two plus years of Kindermusik classes and am looking forward to seeing both of my children graduate from this program.
—Sharon, Kindermusik Mom

Caitlin and I are enjoying “Zoo Train.” You were right, she’s ready for it. She’s learned to gallop and sommersault all on her own this summer.

I cannot say enough good things about the Kindermusik program, and especially the way in which your foundation, Musical Pathways, presents it: bundled together with great instructors and loads of great information on child development.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So looking forward to seeing you in the fall.

—Lisa O’Connell, Musical Pathways Kindermusik mom

I just wanted to thank you so very much for offering the Parents Orientation. Although we had joined Kindermusik months ago we were unable to make it to any of the previous classes. During that time my husband and I have seen wonderful positive results in our daughter from attending your classes. She loves the music, instruments, books and dancing. Usually, with Abbie it would not be dancing but maybe jumping! Although my husband knew about the classes and has watched as Abbie is molding into a Kindermusik child, he really didn’t understand the importance and the depth of the what she is learning and that it is so much more than just music. Your Parents Orientation helped him understand the bigger picture. And how she is learning about listening, rhythms, sign, socializing, watching and learning, saying hello and goodbye, patience and so much more. He said that he will now spend more time playing/working with Abbie and the Kindermusik home materials that we receive. My husband is a very shy person and even though he sang and danced with others during orientation he still came away with a big smile, joy and a new awareness of what we do at “music class” and all of the benefits of it. We are both very excited about the years to come. Thank you so very much.

Also, our Veterinarian is very interested in Kindermusik and I have given her your card. She has two children.

—Bonnie Wagner, Musical Pathways Kindermusik mom

You may have already heard this from another parent, but I found the best use of the cards that come with the Kindermusik kit. I keep some of them on Lilly’s diaper changing station and while I am changing her, I give her a card to hold onto and I ask her what it is and we do the noises. This was a LIFESAVER! She had been going through a spurt where she didn’t want to get changed and would try to squirm off the table. Now she looks forward to seeing her cards and doing the animal noises. I even use this while getting her dressed and doing her hair.

I just had to share that!

—Paula, Musical Pathways Kindermusik mom of 1 year old

I was going to email you Tuesday evening, but I haven’t gotten the chance until tonight. I thought you might like to know Colton broke out in song at the dinner table that night after Jordan’s class, singing the Kapulupulu Kane song. I don’t think he can wait to be like big brother. However, he still loves his Our Time class, even though he misses his Miss Betsy!!! We were very excited to finally get back into class on Wednesday, and even though we miss you very much, Miss Ann is wonderful as well. It just may take Colton a few classes to learn/want to sing goodbye to Miss Ann instead of you!!! Thanks for everything you and all the educators do to make our classes great!!!

—Joanne, Musical Pathways Kindermusik mother of 2 and 7 year-olds

I wanted to make a note of the incredible impact that Kindermusik has had on Kaitlyn. We were at the UW Volleyball game this fall. After a great volley, Wisconsin won the point and the crowd roared “Point- Wis- Con- Sin.” In the midst of all the excitement and noise, Kaitlyn leaned over to me and said “Mom that’s TA- TI- TI- TA.” What an amazing impact you and Kindermusik have made. Thanks!

—Marlene Sharkey, Musical Pathways mom

All right I am beginning to see the effects of Kindermusik on Tierney.

The other night we were singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and she wanted me to massage her.

It was interesting … I see all of the Village songs coming back. She sings the Chick-A-Dee song with the Bright Red Cardinal.

Now she is really into Jing Jang. We listen to the repeatedly in the car. “Daddy Jing Jang” “Mommy Jing Jang” “Tierney Jing Jang” “Betsy Jing Jang” … continues on … it is so amazing to me.

Last night, I was saying Bye Bye Tierney and she sang back “Bye Bye Betsy.”

Just thought I would let you know that Kindermusik is coming full circle for Tierney. I am enjoying listening to her sing all of her songs and I wanted to share the experience with you because it sure is amazing as soon as it all clicks.

—Jennifer, Musical Pathways mom of 23 month old

I first started Kindermusik with Jude when he was five months old. We attended the Kindermusik summer camp. I envisioned an experience filled with cooing and laughing while we happily enjoyed singing and playing together with other moms and babies. To my dismay, the first class was quite a different story. The moment we walked into the classroom, he saw the Kindermusik shakers and cried. He heard the other babies making noises with various noise makers — more crying! I chalked this up to a bad day. I went to the next week’s class with renewed optimism. I thought this time would be different. It wasn’t. I spent almost the entire class trying to soothe my stressed out baby. Again, I hoped it was just another bad day. I figured that the third time would be the charm. It wasn’t. He cried off and on the entire class. It was hard to calm my crying baby when I was feeling stressed out myself — Jude never cried much at home. I decided that I needed to contact Betsy to see if we could drop the fall semester. Betsy informed me that Jude’s reaction was normal and that some babies take time to adjust to the various stimuli presented in the classes. I was skeptical. I thought that Kindermusik was just not his thing. But music had always played such an important and wonderful role in my life that I didn’t want to call it quits quite yet. Betsy told me that most kids start to adjust after about a month of the classes. She added that the Kindermusik camp was different than the regular classes. Betsy believed that after four regular classes, he would be enjoying himself. My husband and I talked about it and concluded that we would follow Betsy’s advice and stick with it for four classes. Sure enough, Betsy was right! Each class was better than the last. Jude was happy there. He was enjoying the music and loved observing the other babies. I was shocked! I never expected him to make the progress that he did! By the fourth class, there was almost no crying and lots of smiles! I am really glad that we stuck with it. Jude is now more confident in group settings. Best of all, I get to see him kicking his legs in excitement and smiling ear-to-ear every time I play the Kindermusik CD at home. It’s priceless and I will forever treasure these memories!

—Rachel Kovak, a Musical Pathways Kindermusik parent

I was talking to my day care provider today and she also mentioned to me how impressed she was with Kindermusik because she has never heard a kid Elizabeth’s age (16 months) that can sing and actually carry a tune like she does. She will sing the entire first line or so of a song and then Lynda (daycare provider) knows what it is and will sing the whole song for her. It is the best reward we could ask for Elizabeth.

—Leah Narans, mother of a Musical Pathways Kindermusik baby

It’s amazing to see Kindermusik working even months after class ends. Nathan continues to amaze me by using new signs, and subsequently words, that we learned in the summer session of the “Sign & Sign” class. I thought he just wasn’t picking up on everything we were doing, but he’d just filed the info away for when he was ready for it! Thanks Miss Betsy and Kindermusik!

—Lynne Kallstrand, mother of Musical Pathways student

Hi! Please sign me up! I did go to check out the ____ gym program, because I mainly want something fun to do with our young son. After being in Kindermusik, the music session is … let’s just say it left A LOT to be desired. The teacher grabbed my son up out of my arms to demonstrate how to do a somersault (using him as the model—no warning, no warming up to him). Of course, he freaked out. I think a lot of kids would freak out if a big man that they didn’t know grabbed them and contorting their body into weird positions! Anyway, nice person (the teacher), nice group of moms and our son loved the equipment, but I feel we get SO much more out of your class. I don’t want to pay $13/week for 15-30 min of gym exploration. I could go to an open gym instead. So, the point of my story is: if you ever have a client who talks about doing another class INSTEAD of Kindermusik, encourage them to check out the class first. I am SO GLAD that I did!!! I was able to see that your program is truly top notch! I was very impressed by what you do! Even though Kindermusik does not offer a gym, the quality of the curriculum is outstanding. I will send the check! Thanks!

—A Musical Pathways Kindermusik mom

I should tell you that I’m glad for the “I can do it by myself, all by myself” song because as Paige wants to exert her independence about everything, she stops me when she wants to do something on her own and doesn’t yell or scream about it, but instead breaks out into song! It makes me laugh and gives me the extra patience needed at times.

—Sherri Rogalla, Musical Pathways Kindermusik Mom

I never did get a chance to fill out the evaluation at the end of last semester’s session, but you do a FABULOUS job of engaging the children and parents. I would highly recommend your classes to anyone/everyone. I particularly loved the violin visit at the end of the year and the chance for the kids to hold the bow and play. That was pretty neat. And your “over the top” gift bags at the last class were definitely a crowd pleaser … what a great way to teach the kids “please, thank you, selling, paying, lining up, etc.” You did a fabulous job with our class.

—Nola, mother of a Musical Pathways’ Kindermusik student

Sydney is just adoring your class. She loves to sing and she walks around clapping and tapping her legs all the time (Cackle, Cackle Mother Goose is her favorite). She loves it when mom and dad follow her lead. (Boy, are we in trouble when she’s a teenager!) Thank you for all you do. We’re really enjoying watching her develop—and are thrilled she is loving music!

—Christine Erickson, mother of Musical Pathways Kindermusik® student

“Can’t say enough good about this program. We love to sing with the CD and doing the class activity with the song at home. You are very approachable by adults and children (that makes it very comfortable and trusting) and can easily be reached either by phone or Web. I like that.”

—Kim Cooke, mother of Musical Pathways Kindermusik® student

“We do the summer camps every year. It’s great to be able to keep the kids in Kindermusik in the summer so they don’t lose it between spring and fall. Christopher just started piano lessons and his teacher asked, ‘Has he had Kindermusik?’ She could tell immediately.”

—Rich Bresette, father of a Kindermusik student

“Austin enjoys everything. He likes the teacher the best. At home my child shows me that she/he is learning to enjoy music by singing songs from class and having an interest in all types of musical styles and instruments.”

—Gena Duren, mother of “Musical Pathways” Kindermusik® student

“Our daughter, Kayla, loves her Kindermusik Our Time™ class! I just can’t say enough about this class and the whole idea behind Kindermusik. The At Home materials are wonderful — Kayla especially loves the Fiddle Sticks book, This Little Piggy Played the Fiddle, and all of the animal songs! After doing the ‘roll over’ activity in class and then playing the music at home, Kayla knew exactly what to do! I tell everyone I know about Kindermusik. Keep up the good work!”

—Lorena Finnerty, mother of a Kindermusik student

“Your sensitivity to their (children) state of mind — and your ability to draw them in — and your enthusiasm are what my child and I have enjoyed most about Kindermusik. … Great job — speak highly of this program and you as a teacher.”

—Marlene Sharkey, mother of two Musical Pathways Kindermusik students

“This class has definitely helped Benjamin’s language skill development as well as his ability to work cooperatively and share. … He constantly wants to listen and sing and dance to music.”

—Ann Zieser, mother of a “Musical Pathways” Kindermusik student

“Just awesome — so much that I’m reluctant to try another instructor even if its better for my schedule!”

—Manda Debnath, mother of a Musical Pathways Kindermusik student

“Ryan has learned so much these past two years! We are amazed at her wealth of knowledge. Her confidence and self-esteem have also grown. I wish all learning experiences could be so joyous.”

—R. Miller, mother of a Kindermusik® student

“I love hearing about the brain research …”

—Ann Desens, mother of a Musical Pathways Kindermusik student

“You are awesome! I wouldn’t change a thing!”

—Karla Faust, mother of a Musical Pathways Kindermusik student

“Zac really missed class today. He sang and danced around the house half the day, he fell directly to the couch, fortunately it was a couch from https://dumonds.com/custom-conference-tables/ so it didn’t happen anything. He has really enjoyed the class, and I can’t believe how much more musical he is than our older boys. He is always singing. It is also surprising given he does not seem that engaged when we are in class.”

—Brian Mayhew, father of a “Musical Pathways” Kindermusik student

NOTE: Zac is a classic observer learner who sits in dad’s lap during class and usually watches vs. engaging in the activity. Zac is the perfect example of why Kindermusik is perfect for young children. Experts know that Zac is learning just by being present and experiencing the process — not by performing. Home is the place where Zac will perform — and the Kindermusik Home Materials provide for wonderful home play all week long.