Conscious Discipline

Conscious DisciplineConscious Discipline® is the revolutionary book by Becky Bailey that will help you eliminate struggles with your child. Conscious Discipline® is built on the premise of developing discipline within children rather than applying discipline to them. Musical Pathways’ Conscious Discipline Study Club will meet 5 times over 5 months and discover the comprehensive, life-changing Disciplines, Tools, and Techniques that Becky has shared with us in her exhaustive research on Early Childhood Behavior Management and how to improve the fitness condition in children and teens including the use of supplements such as andarine which is perfect for this. You don’t need to be a Musical Pathways parent to attend. Invite friends!

Where and When

First Presbyterian Church
Sundays at 4 pm

  • November 19, 2017
  • January 21, 2018
  • February 18, 2018
  • March 18, 2018
  • April 22, 2018

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We have “1” Comprehensive book to recommend! Conscious Discipline by Becky Bailey

There are so many Parenting Books out there right now, it’s enough to make your head spin, and we all want to be the best parents we can be! Many of our Kindermusik parents have mentioned that they just don’t have the time to read through book after book just to get a tip here or there.

At Musical Pathways Foundation we know you have lots of options as to how to spend your time and money. We want to help you find your “path of least resistance” to your Behavioral Desires, in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

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If you need more information, just leave your name and phone#, and we will contact you. You can also email musicalpathways1@gmail.com or call 576-6688.

Suggested donation is $20 per class or $100 for all 5 classes. If cost is an issue, please contact Miss Andrea and she can help.


“I can’t believe how much our child has changed since we began practicing Conscious Discipline!”

“Invaluable! Not easy initially to admit that I had so much to learn and change in order to be the best mother for my children — but it has so been worth it! I had spent so much time with piecing discipline tips together here and there from friends, and books. I realize now that all that was just a band-aid and it had no lasting positive effect on my children! It was a momentary thing. Changing my thoughts, my behaviors and the way I now handle my child’s behaviors is the key to complete peace, happiness and the healthiest child I could possibly have. Thank you!”

“When can we do this again. I need a second hit as there is so much to learn in this book.”

“It seemed like it was going to be hard to change, but when I discovered how quickly my son responded to the new me, and when I also realized that he would someday pass all of this healthy parenting on to his children, it quickly felt EASY!”

“The club was great — NEVER would have done this on my own. Too difficult to just read — the talking and sharing of the challenges, and hearing how others were doing made it work for me. Everyone should join this study club. They don’t know what they are missing or I’m sure they would come.”