Drums Drums Drums

Age range: ages 5-8
Class structure: 4 weekly classes
Class size: Up to 10 children
Class length: 60-minute classes

Just say the word drum and any child within earshot will be ready to play. In Drums, Drums, Drums, we’ll focus on drums, percussion instruments, and music from Africa and South America as we clap, tap, move, play, and echo different rhythms. You’ll learn to recognize the sights and sounds of many different drums, play a drum, and get up and move your body to the rhythms, too!

Along the way, we’ll introduce and reinforce important musical concepts and skills that will inspire your child to become a better musician and to love music even more. Creativity, Teamwork, Listening Skills, and Self-Control will be learned through play! The Kindermusik@Home digital home materials extend the benefits all week long with music from class, activities for the whole family, and a story.

Home Materials Include:

  • Instrument: Lollipop Drum with Mallet
  • Weekly Percussion Craft
  • Kindermusik at your fingertips! With Kindermusik @Home, you can access songs and activities, music, books, videos, lyrics and more, in a green-friendly digital format, from your smart phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or computer.

NOTE: If your child is transitioning from Our Time to Imagine That curriculum this fall, we highly recommend utilizing this camp to ease the transition.