Family Time: Wild Animal Park

Family Time Wild Animal Park LogoWild Animal Park
for families with 2-3 children ages infant to 8 years

4 Week Camp · 1 60-minute class per week

Wild Animal Park is a place where we hop like frogs and stomp like elephants, move slow like a sloth and quick like a monkey. We dance a jungle dance, slither and pounce, and do a kangaroo bounce. We’ll visit the rainforest and travel with tigers in the jungle. We’ll fly like birds and take a walk on the wild side as we focus on social and emotional development within the family unit as well as the power of Kindermusik on brain development, all while celebrating the joy of music. It’s an
adventure you won’t forget!

Enrollment Includes:

  • 4-week Family Camp (parent and 2 children ages newborn-7; $5 per child AFTER first 2)
  • Weekly 45-minute classes
  • 1 Set of Family At Home Materials

At Home Materials Include:

  • Instruments: 2 Elephant Shakers
  • Weekly Craft
  • Kindermusik at your fingertips! With Kindermusik Online, you can access songs and activities, music, books, videos, lyrics and more, in a green-friendly digital format, from your smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or computer.