Music Lessons: Summer Your Way

Summer Private Lessons for Newcomers
and Current Students Alike!
(Age 7 and up)

Offering you ultimate flexibility and maximum convenience for private summer instruction in Piano, Flute, Violin, Viola, Voice, Ukulele and Guitar

Elite Artistry

Summer Music Party included!
Join us for a fun-filled 60 minutes of hands-on music learning
including informal student performances, music activities, food, and crafts!

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With our Summer Package Pricing, you get all the flexibility and convenience you need to accommodate your busy summer schedule – all with no scheduling hassles. Payment is easy too; we’ll simply charge the monthly package price on the 1st of each month, June thru August.

“Summer YOUR Way” — June 3 thru August 29, 2019

Total # of lessons
you schedule
over the summer
Package Pricing
for 30-minute lessons
3 lessons/1 Summer Music Party $30 charged monthly
6 lessons/1 Summer Music Party $55 charged monthly
9 lessons/1 Summer Music Party $80 charged monthly
Summer Music Party Date Choices:
Wednesday, July 17 at 5 pm or Wednesday, August 21 at 5 pm
Easy, flexible, and fun!

*You are always welcome to ADD more lessons or ADD a Summer Music Party.*

How summer scheduling works:

  • First, you choose your package.
  • Then, each month, your teacher will contact you about scheduling 30-minute private music lessons for the upcoming month (unless you want to schedule the entire summer in advance – highly recommended!).
  • Inform your teacher which Summer Music Party date works for your schedule.
  • Once lessons are scheduled, you may request to make changes to the schedule during the month, but only if you give your teacher at least a one-week advance notice of your request.
  • Rescheduling is subject to availability in your teacher’s schedule. Last-minute cancellations or no-shows cannot be rescheduled or made up. (Exception: One lesson per summer may be made up in case of illness or emergency.)
  • We regret that credit cannot be given for missed or unscheduled lessons/music parties.
  • You are always welcome to ADD more lessons or ADD A Summer Music Party, if you’d like. The teacher will notify the office, and we’ll adjust the billing accordingly.