Village with Seniors

Kindermusik Village with seniorsGive the gift of your time and receive . . .
the gift of treasured memories for you and your child!

Singing, Dancing, Touching, and Playing Instruments TOGETHER with SENIORS!


Class Information

This class is currently filled, but please let us know if you are interested in a future class!
AGE: Parents with Children Newborn – 2
DAY & TIME: Tuesday mornings 10-10:45 am
WHERE: Homestead Living, 1040 Quinn Drive, Waunakee


  • Free to attend!
  • Home Materials Optional – Available for purchase: CD, Literature Book, Art Banners, Home Journal PDF Download, Weekly Home Activities, Lyric and Activity Packet Download – $39

Won’t you please consider giving these seniors, and in turn yourself and your child, this powerful gift?

What is Village With Seniors?

Village With Seniors is a therapeutic program with benefits for parents, babies, older adults, families of older adults, and retirement communities.

  • 8-10 Families
  • Mom, Dad, Nanny or Grandparent with baby (0-2)
  • 45 minute class
  • Seniors encircle the class and can either watch or can engage in predesigned interactive songs and activities

What goes on in a Village With Seniors class?

Every week, volunteers and family members of residents bring the residents to/from classes. They also help hand out/collect instruments and props to the seniors, and enjoy helping them to participate by clapping/tapping their hands for them or encouraging them to sing to the babies. From time to time, visitors arrive as well, such as the nursing staff, director, board members, who like to hang at the back of the room and sway/bop together to the music! They drop in to see what all the excitement is about and stay. Practically everyone who comes to a Kindermusik Village with Seniors class gets completely involved and engrossed in the experience.

A typical class includes lots of singing, dancing, rocking babies on seniors’ laps, partnering games, cuddles and hugs, as well as props and instruments, such as willowy scarves for movement and peek-a-boo games, mirrors, egg shakers, jingle bells, drums, and more. Activities are selected for a variety of interactive possibilities; seniors feel free to participate as much or as little as they desire or are able. The music is often familiar to the seniors, which helps fire neural pathways, awaking memories of childhood and child rearing. Seniors in the program find a great deal of joy and satisfaction in observing the growing participation and development of the babies over the course of eight/sixteen weeks, and the senior participation grows stronger with every class.

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TUESDAYS 10–10:45 am