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Kindermusik Village and Our Time classes are now being offered at St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church in Verona. See details on all locations and an updated schedule.

Musical Pathways relays to parents the most current educational information and research regarding their child’s growth and development in all 6 regions: cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and music.

“I wanted to make a note of the incredible impact that Kindermusik has had on Kaitlyn. We were at the UW Volleyball game this fall. After a great volley, Wisconsin won the point and the crowd roared “Point- Wis- Con- Sin.” In the midst of all the excitement and noise, Kaitlyn leaned over to me and said “Mom that’s TA- TI- TI- TA.” What an amazing impact you and Kindermusik have made. Thanks!”
Marlene Sharkey, Musical Pathways mom

More praise from parents

Musical Pathways Foundation has been awarded the Conductors Circle Maestro award, which is the highest recognition awarded by Kindermusik International. This award recognizes the top 1% of all programs internationally.